The PV Trainers Network (PVTN) concluded its activities in Dec 2017 and is no longer providing trainings or technical assistance to local governments on solar PV. Local governments and other stakeholders should contact NYSERDA’s NY-Sun Program at with any training, technical assistance requests or general inquiries. The NY-Sun Program will continue to help local governments develop solar in their communities. For more information visit:

NOTE: The PV Trainers Network is no longer accepting training requests. For solar PV training requests please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Kind of Assistance Do We Offer?

Do you need an expert’s opinion on a solar PV question? Check out our Resources. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, then submit a request for free assistance from our experts below.

The NY-Sun PV Trainers Network can help you with all types of questions relating to New York State’s solar PV market. The PV Trainers Network has expertise on topics including solar PV engineering, code and inspection, solar policy and regulatory development, and stakeholder engagement.


For whom does the PV Trainers Network offer assistance?

The PV Trainers Network can provide trouble shooting and in-depth one-on-one assistance to local governments and municipal officials.


How do I submit a request?

Fill out the mandatory entries here to submit a request. The submission form will request your contact info and the following information:

  • Topic area of your request
  • Title of your request
  • Description of your request

You will also have the option to upload a file or picture, if applicable, and attach it to your form. Once you have entered all information, included any relevant files and submitted your request, one of our experts will contact you to follow up with your request.


What happens after I submit my request?

Once your request has been received, a PV Trainers Network representative will contact you to schedule an initial phone call to discuss the scope of the request. This call will help the Trainers Network understand the details and complexity of the request.

For simple requests, the representative will be able to begin working following the initial call. For more complex requests, the representative will create a draft scope of work for review by a local government representative. Once both sides have reached an agreement, they will approve and sign the scope of work.


What kind of support can I receive through Ask the Expert?

The nature of requests varies and we are here to help you to find the resources and answers you’re seeking. Examples of challenges that we can assist with include:

  • Completing a policy audit
  • Integrating solar into your jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan
  • Updating zoning and land use codes
  • Streamlining solar permitting processes
  • Adopting the Unified Solar Permit
  • Engaging local lending institutions
  • Developing solar on municipal facilities


Do I have to pay for Ask the Expert assistance?

Ask the Expert is a free service through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun PV Trainers Network.