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Get ahead of the energy efficiency curve

$3.4 billion annually. That is how much the multifamily building sector could save on energy costs if they participated in quality energy efficiency planning.

Access support for energy saving solutions

Integrating energy-saving solutions into your multifamily property can lead to long-term savings, year-round comfort, and put you on the path toward addressing regulatory mandates. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to integrate energy-saving upgrades into an existing capital improvement plan, NYSERDA provides multiple paths toward accessing incentives, technical guidance, and resources that can help you optimize your building’s performance, no matter your budget.

Get expert guidance on building upgrades


Building managers and owners, can get help with a single piece of equipment to comprehensive whole-building upgrades. NYSERDA's Multifamily Building Solutions Network serves as energy advisors who listen to your priorities and concerns to incorporate energy efficiency on a scale that makes sense for you. Providers understand the inherent complexities of energy efficiency projects, with the knowledge and experience to design and oversee energy efficiency upgrades to meet your needs.

Build Homes for Future Generations

Home builders, developers, and architects can set themselves apart by building new single-family homes, townhomes, and patio homes to energy efficiency standards above the New York State Building Code. All of these properties offer comfort, energy savings, healthy indoor air quality, as well as help the community to be more environmentally responsible for future generations.

Rise above the rest

To attract the increasing population of energy savvy tenants, mid- and high-rise multifamily developers are adopting the latest in building science practices. NYSERDA programs offer technical and financial support for new construction and gut rehab projects, helping builders and developers meet the demands of today’s marketplace.