Strategic Energy Management for Industrial Manufacturing

Strategic energy management (SEM) is a framework for aligning your energy strategy with your business practices. SEM allows you to manage energy in a coordinated and strategic way across the organization, instead of managing energy projects one by one.

NYSERDA works with industrial facilities to incorporate SEM into their business operations through a 12-month fully funded training program. Through a combination of group workshops, individual trainings, and webinars, participants learn how to establish and implement SEM.

Participants will also have access to a dedicated technical expert for an additional 12 months following completion of training. This is an exclusive program, limited to 11 companies each year, in which each participant will benefit from learning in a small group setting.

NYSERDA is now recruiting companies for the next round of the program. Contact us today if you’re company is interested in participating.

How You Benefit

  • Boost your bottom line with reduced energy costs, freeing up capital to use elsewhere
  • Uncover operations-related issues that may be making your building less efficient
  • Increase safety throughout your facilities
  • Drive alignment across your facilities on day-to-day energy management practices
  • Create a culture of sustainability and efficiency across your business

Who Is Eligible 

  • Industrial facilities in New York State with annual energy costs—for all fuels—that exceed $500,000
  • Entities that contribute to the System Benefits Charge on their electric bills
  • Participants that have the ability to travel for the SEM trainings and are willing to share with NYSERDA the data, results, and other lessons learned about how SEM has reduced the company’s energy use

Eligible industrial facilities will select one staff member to serve as their energy champion, who will be responsible for attending the training sessions and leading SEM processes within their organization. Other staff members are also encouraged to attend the training sessions.

Explore success stories of other New York State businesses that have participated in and benefited from the program.

Program Curriculum

The SEM program consists of 10 training sessions led by an experienced team of energy coaches from the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) and Cascade Energy.

View Curriculum [PDF]

Get Started

Ready to put energy to work for your business? NYSERDA is now recruiting participants for the next round of the program. Contact us today to learn more or apply now.