Strategic Energy Management Program

Strategic energy management (SEM) is a framework for aligning energy efficiency with business practices. Instead of managing energy saving projects one by one, SEM allows you to manage energy in a coordinated and strategic way across your organization—helping your business increase profitability, create a competitive advantage, and achieve greater resiliency.

NYSERDA is working with New York State industrial facilities, manufacturing companies, and municipal water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) to incorporate SEM into their businesses. NYSERDA is offering training that teaches businesses how to establish and implement SEM. Through the program, participants will learn to:

  • Collect, measure, and track energy use information to help inform strategic business decisions
  • Continuously measure and improve energy performance
  • Empower and motivate workforces to contribute to energy strategy and goals

How You Benefit

  • Profitability. Reduce overhead costs and production downtime.
  • Risk Mitigation. Increase resiliency to energy price volatility and outages.
  • Competitive Advantage. Differentiate yourself in the market as a sustainability leader.
  • Employee Satisfaction. Improve workforce retention and talent acquisition.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction. Contribute to a cleaner environment.

Who Can Apply

  • Industrial facilities in New York State with annual energy costs—of all fuels—that exceed $500,000 and that contribute to the System Benefits Charge
  • Municipal WRRFs in New York State with annual energy costs—of all fuels—of $200,000 or more and that contribute to the System Benefits Charge

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