Green Jobs Green New York Energy Studies


Energy Studies for Small Commercial and Not-For-Profit Entities

For more Information: view the GJGNY Energy Studies Fact Sheet [PDF]

Energy Studies identify and analyze opportunities to make buildings more efficient, which lowers associated energy costs. Small Businesses with 100 or fewer full-time equivalent employees or Not-For-Profit Organizations of any size are eligible for this cost-share program.

Green Jobs Green New York Energy Studies include:

  • A comprehensive walk through of the facility
  • Site staff interviews
  • Utility bill analysis
  • Fuel-neutral, unbiased evaluation of potential low-cost/no-cost and capital improvement energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy study report that outlines potential energy and cost savings opportunities for your facility.

Once the study is complete, we will assist you in identifying potential utility incentives and low-cost financing options to help take the next steps toward implementing energy saving projects.

Customer Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Cost-share per Building for Small Commercial Cost-share per Building for Not-for-profits
10 FTE or Less $100 $100
Over 10 FTE and 50 FTE or less $250 $250
Over 50 FTE and 100 FTE or less $500 $500
Over 100 FTE n/a $500

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If you are interested in an energy study but do not qualify as a small business or not-for-profit entity, please see other programs that offer energy studies: