On-site Energy Manager Program

A dedicated On-site Energy Manager (OsEM) can improve a company’s profitability by delivering energy, process, and operational improvements. Companies can benefit from the successful energy and productivity projects that are driven by OsEMs. Projects may include operation and maintenance improvements, behavioral changes, energy efficiency upgrades, process improvements, throughput and scrap reduction improvements, cost management, and other improvements such as water savings.

The goal of this pilot program is to demonstrate the value of a dedicated OsEM. This program is intended for commercial and industrial facilities or multifamily buildings that do not have an existing dedicated full-time OsEM. As part of the pilot program, NYSERDA will cost-share of up to 75% of OsEM fees.

Who Can Apply

Eligible Applicants include NYS commercial and industrial facilities that pay into the electric System Benefits Charge (SBC). Applicants must show a desire to continue the role beyond the pilot engagement period and must be willing to share results and lessons learned to further the pilot’s objective of increasing the penetration of energy managers at commercial and industrial facilities.

Read the OsEM funding opportunity for more information and eligibility requirements.

Applicants may seek support for a new permanent hire, a consultant, or a hybrid of supplementing permanent staff with a Consultant.

Firms interested in applying to becoming a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant may do so through RFP 3628.

Application Submission

Service Providers

NYSERDA FlexTech Consultants may potentially be used to support the on-site energy manager role. Applicants seeking support for contracted OsEMs may select a consultant from the current list of NYSERDA Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Consultants.

Firms interested in applying to become a NYSERDA FlexTech consultant may find more information here.


An informational webinar was held December 19, 2017 to provide an overview of this funding opportunity.

View the webinar presentation [PDF]


For more information please email OnSiteEnergyManager@nyserda.ny.gov.

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