Cleaner, More Efficient Trucking

Vnomics One of the most successful companies to date that has grown out of the Clean Energy Incubator is Vnomics. The company has developed a next-generation vehicle monitoring system that is already having an impact in notably reducing fuel consumption in the trucking industry.

FleetKnowSys™ is a monitoring device based on sensor input throughout an entire truck that allows both the supervisor in a remote location and the driver to get a picture of what happens to a vehicle in real time as it is being driven. Drivers can monitor themselves through a touch screen, which provides both audio and visual feedback on ways they can improve their driving to reduce diesel consumption as well as wear and tear on the vehicle.

“The biggest influence on a vehicle is the driver, whether we’re talking about energy savings or safety,” says Vnomics CEO David Chauncey. “Most drivers want to be the best drivers they can be, but they don’t always understand what the best decisions are. The key is to provide them real-time feedback, which is what our system does.”

In addition, if the system recognizes an imminent mechanical failure, it alerts the company’s mechanic, who can then log on to a website and guide the driver to the nearest repair shop before the truck breaks down. This feature has saved companies both time and expenses in emergency roadside pickup as well as enhanced driver safety.

FleetKnowSys, which has increased fuel efficiency on large trucks by up to 10 percent, has already saved millions of dollars in fuel costs for multiple trucking companies around the country. Vnomics has dozens of clients and has installed its system on thousands of vehicles.

In 2009, Vnomics deployed its first product as a maintenance device for military vehicles. The company has advanced the technology to its most current FleetKnowSys model for the commercial trucking industry. Vnomics is now developing partnerships with bus companies and has begun installing FleetKnowSys on school buses in 2012.